Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fall at the Cabin

After we finished up in Chicago, we headed to Wisconsin. First we spent the night at Bob's folks new place (no pictures) and then on to the cabin. This first picture is from the first or second year we bought the cabin (fall of 2006). Very simple, but very sweet. It fits our family perfectly.Bob went to play golf and I had to capture just a little of the fall colors. We missed the peak by about a week I think. Last year we were up for Bob's niece's wedding in mid October and just missed the peak again. (this year too early and last year too late- next year maybe just right!)
It was still very lovely at the golf course and I'm glad Bob got a chance to play a round.

This picture is our beaver lodge - right at the end of our dock. Isn't it great? I want to start taking some pictures yearly to see if they put any "additions" on their lodge. We have about 2 acres, 1 acre is wooded - for now! They have done quite a bit of damage.
This is a picture of the lake - the day we arrived it was so calm, warm, and sunny. The water is like glass, but not a lot of color in the trees.
This is the cabin as we left it this year. Notice the 2 tone stain job. We planned to stain the front of the cabin before we left, but it was not nice weather at all. We did that little bit in the drizzle. It was so bare there that we really needed to get some stain on before the snow piles up. Hope the neighbors don't mind looking at that all winter.
Thought I'd add 2 pictures from last fall, taken in mid October. Still very pretty.
Can't wait to get back next summer. We really enjoy our time there and know we are very blessed to have it!

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TLEB said...

Beautiful pictures of the cabin. I couldn't really even tell that the cabin was two different colors...if you hadn't said anything I wouldn't have noticed! I'm sure the neighbors won't mind.