Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Bob and I have been on the road for the past 10 days or so. The beginning of the trip was spent in Chicago on business. Bob was president of a professional organization for the past year, and the cumulation of the year was the annual conference in Chicago. We stayed at the very beautiful Chicago Hilton on Michigan Avenue. That is our hotel, I didn't realize it was so huge until we saw it from the park along the lake.We were lucky enough to stay in a fabulous suite for 5 nights. The view was spectacular. Of course this picture doesn't really show anything, but it was gorgeous.
The suite was 2 bedrooms - 2400 square feet. Most of the room was the entertaining area. It had floor to ceiling windows overlooking the lake. We could see Navy Pier and Shedd Aquarium and the football field from our windows.
This picture was taken in March, when we were lucky enough to stay in the suite for the tastings and other business that needed to be done. The lake was iced up, and the fountain wasn't on, but that big circle is the very beautiful Buckingham fountain.
The entry.
The loooong hall that Ben just loved to run in.
Our room
and bath (doesn't show the huge shower with TV in the shower)
Looking from the living room back down the hall and into the kitchen. (I think that must be Bob coming down the hall)
The bar area.
These are just various areas of the living area. It was large and very nice. We hosted a reception here one evening and it surely holds a large crowd.

(just picture the lake out these windows)

We had a great time in Chicago -I know this is a lot of pictures of a hotel room, but I also know I will never stay in a room this nice again and I thought I better have a record of it!! I took a few pictures of the kids that I will share tomorrow. Once again, once the people enter in I forget about the camera. We were very lucky to have both our daughters, 1 son in law , 3 grandchildren, Bob's folks, and my sister and her husband join us for a few days. Our son in law Ryan stayed home with 4 week old Jackson. It just wasn't safe to travel with a small baby in flu season. We were so sorry that Ryan wasn't able to be there, but really appreciated Jessica making the trip. I know it was hard for both of them.

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