Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Party Continues

This is the last of the party, I promise. I just had a few pictures of her actual party at her house that I wanted to share.

Laura made both of these cakes. Aren't they cute? She didn't get any of that talent from me!!
The only party guest I took a picture of was Jackson. That boy loves to eat {note the cheeks!}. And notice what Jessica is using to get him to look up. Too funny.
Look at the loot! Elizabeth has generous friends.
She was being silly and dancing for me. I love her natural smile.
This is the centerpiece Laura made. More talent, not from me.


The Martys said...

Adorable!! That is a funny thing with that last picture. When I saw them on Laura's post, I thought, wow were did she get peonies. I didn't even know they weren't real. Very talented. I know you have that talent hidden somewhere. I see it all over your house. I love E's dress too. She is getting so grown up.

jessica said...

Love the pics from E's party! That one of Jackson is funny.

TLEB said...

I love the picture of Jessica tempting Jackson with the food - very funny!