Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Birthday Tea

Elizabeth turned 5 and I can hardly believe it. She will be going to school in the fall and so in the next few months we have to spend a lot of time together.

I had a tea party for her for her birthday. She loves to have tea parties and so do I!! Here is the birthday girl all ready for her presents. Bring them on!!
She was excited that Grandpa had brought our tea table back to the balcony. The table spent last summer out by the pool, but with our new addition there wasn't room so Bob hauled it back up to the balcony. She loves to have her tea out there, and I think it is because our very 1st tea parties in this house were on the balcony. She likes tradition, just like her grandma.

She recognizes that box!!
Yea, it's Bitty Twins. {how do you spell YAY?? YEAH?? YEA??} I do have her loving her American Girls - I started Laura and Jessica on them when they were in 2nd grade I think. There were only 3 dolls at that time.
Part of our fun is making our tea party food. Elizabeth is putting the pink sprinkles on strawberry rollups.
Here are our tea cookies - not so tasty, but pink and cute.
Our lovely tea table. Not worthy of Tablescape Thursday, but we liked it.
Of course the new little girls needed their own tea party. Good thing we have the supplies and Elizabeth loved setting them up in their own little party.

After our party the boys joined us for a little while. We are off to feed the ducks.
Surrounding our pond in the spring are beautiful wildflowers. An attempt was made to get a bluebonnet picture, but a bee was spotted and this was as close as we could get. Note Elizabeth standing up, ready to make a quick get away.
Feeding the ducks. {there really are ducks there, it's the photographer that was focusing on kids, not ducks!}
The girls in their matching jammies. So cute.
Happy Birthday Elizabeth! I had such a fun day with you!

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TLEB said...

Ahhh - what a fun day. I know Elizabeth had a great birthday tea - she told me all about it. I'm glad to see the pictures from the rest of the day, though. Everything looked so cute!