Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Little Tease

Here is a picture of "our" latest project. I say our loosely as I am just watching at this point. This is my Christmas and birthday present and I don't need to tell you I am thrilled.

I have always wanted a playhouse - my grandma had one when I was little and I loved playing in it. It brings back a lot of fun memories and I wanted to do the same for my grandchildren. This one is pretty small as you can see from the picture. But pretty large on the cute factor. We have the perfect spot in our yard - very shady - and the grass doesn't grow there anyway. I'm hoping this looks like the dwarves cottage in Snow White.

Today Bob is painting the outside and I am hopeful that Laura and Jessica will paint the inside tomorrow. Then my fun will begin!


The Martys said...

I think you should paint it yellow!! It is absolutely adorable. Can't wait for my kids to play in it. :0)

Sue said...

I agree it should be yellow - but I want it to blend in with the house as it is visible to the neighborhood. So - it is the ugly house color and the gingerbread is white.

jessica said...

cute cute cute!