Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Fresh Start

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I am practicing making collages and this is my first attempt. I have a lot to learn - for example how to move the pictures around in the collage, I haven't figured that out yet. And I have no idea why the text is centering itself either. I think the more I learn about computers, the more I don't know!

Anyway - here is the only clean and unChristmasy {is that a word?} part of my house. Although I still have my Christmas sheets on the bed. They are flannel and will stay on until our COLD weather is over. You know - it was in the 60's today, but it gets chilly at night!!

I think I will be looking for some new bedding this spring, something a little more bold, but for now this is ok. I always start my "spring cleaning" after Christmas. Things are so dusty and cluttered that it just feels good to do a good cleaning. So...I moved the bed and vacuumed underneath and washed all of the bedding and then washed and rearranged the things on the nightstands. I'd say I'm about 1% done with my "spring cleaning." At least the 4 Christmas trees are packed up and put away!!
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jessica said...

Very cool collage, you're doing something that I don't know how to do! You'll have to teach me how!~ Your bed looks great, makes me want to spring clean! You want to come over and do it for me?? :) I have a feeling you'd be a million times better than I would be at it!

The Martys said...

Love the mosaic. How did you do it? Time for a tutorial. Your room looks so clean. Oh how I wish my home could look so fresh and clean. Maybe you need to share your cleaning techniques. Nothing better than a super clean house ( or room).

Sue said...

You guys are funny - didn't you notice the very narrow view of my room - there is a pack and play and a laundry basket very near by!! After I get a little more figured out on the collages I will be happy to teach.

TLEB said...

I am so impressed with the collage! I need to learn how to do that! I think your room is beautiful the way it is, but I know it's always fun to change things up. Can't wait to see how it's going to end up!