Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Last of the California Trip

Bob was generally busy the next few days and I spent my time with a book by the pool. Pretty relaxing - I loved it!

On Saturday we had a free afternoon so we took a drive up to Joshua Tree National Park. We didn't get out of the car as we left kind of late in the day and wanted to finish the drive in the daylight hours. It gets dark - very dark - around 5:00 in California this time of the year. At least in the valley it did, once the sun went behind the mountains it was dark!
This is a Joshua Tree - pretty aren't they? Not much shade in the desert though!
The rock formations are just something else! My pictures don't do them justice.

This is the view from a lookout point and you are looking down in the valley toward Palm Springs and the other cities. I didn't realize there was a body of water out there in the desert. Something to see on another trip!
We flew home on Sunday and the weather in Texas has improved. (Yeah) Bob is a new member of our homeowners association so he came home and left right away for his first meeting. I got to watch a few shows that had collected on the DVR. I had to relax after lounging all week!!


Rettabug said...

Hi Sue,
Glad you're home safe & sound. I've been to all the same places you just posted about! My baby sis lives in AZ & we drove from there to my oldest brother's home in San Bernadino, stopping in Palm Springs & doing the Joshua Tree Nat. Park on the way. Cool!

Thanks for the birthday wishes. I'm hoping DH gets cleared by his cardiologist for travel to FL for the month of Feb, so I won't be doing a Valentines table, with or without my pink depression glass. :( That's our anniversary, too. (23 years!)


p.s. I ♥♥♥ your family picture as your header!

TLEB said...

You did need to relax after all that vacationing! :) I'm glad you were able to drive all over and see lots of sights. Looks like a great trip!