Wednesday, January 6, 2010

More Sun and Fun

Day 2 in California was just as nice as the first day. The day starts out cool and then gets very nice. This picture was taken from the car on the way to dinner last night. There are a lot of hot air balloons around here.I took this picture from the car too - it is a picture of Panera - we stopped for lunch here on the way from the airport on our first day and ate outside on the patio.
This is downtown Palm Springs. They have statues of stars here and there - this is Lucille Ball.
We ate dinner here last night. Bob had fish tacos for the first time and really liked them. I had chicken fajitas and they were very good too. It was a fairly large restaurant right on the main street in Palm Springs.
You can see how large it is.
I took this picture on the way to the spa for my complimentary manicure and pedicure. These flamingos are right in front of the hotel.
Pretty black swans on the property.
The flowers are gorgeous.
Tonight we drove around Palm Desert. The big shopping street is El Paseo and has lots of upscale shops and art galleries. These next 2 pictures are some sculptures that were in the median.

Today we ate breakfast at Mimis and so we were not hungry for lunch. Instead, this afternoon we drove around and saw some more of the country and stopped for an early dinner at Arnold Palmer's Restaurant. We sat in the bar and had the best meal. We had the homemade chips for appetizer and they were yummy! Then Bob had ribs and I had a burger - not too exciting but good. The end to another lazy but nice day. Tomorrow Bob has to work for a living - he has some meetings etc and golf in the afternoon. I plan to work on my bible study and do a little reading. Such a life!! We are thinking of all of you in the colder climes - wish you were here!!


The Martys said...

Wish I was there too. I am pretty sure that is the same hotel we were at. We had a complimentary spa day too.

Allison said...

Good job. Still making CA sound and look good!! Have fun!
*BTW - thanks for the picture help!

TLEB said...

It looks like you are having a great trip! I can't wait to see more pictures...and I'll have to show the kids pics of what you have seen. They'll love it!

Kat said...

Hi Sue

Thanks for your comment tonight. I'm so glad you did so I could find my way here to your blog. Gosh, what a beautiful family you have!

I'm so glad your trip to Palm Springs/Palm Desert was a good one. I've never been this time of year, but we're sure looking forward to our time there in March. It's always beautiful and the weather is just gorgeous.

Hugs from the beach!