Tuesday, February 2, 2010


January and a new year always make me want to do some projects, a little organizing, and just try to spruce things up a little. I have been looking for some mini chandeliers or small lanterns for this hall that leads to our guest room for quite some time. These lights that came with the house just weren't cutting it! {you can also see the color the whole house was before we bought it - every inch including the ceilings was this color - don't even know what color you call that!}
Isn't this much better?
When we were in Minnesota visiting my sister and family a few weeks ago we were admiring her new kitchen and family room. Every thing is just darling and I could bring the whole thing home and put it in my house, but I don't think she would let me. She did have this cute little light hanging over her desk though and I thought it would be perfect for my hall and I was right! She got it a few years ago at the lumber yard and I was so happy that they still had it.
So I copied! Thanks Amy - and Bob for being a handy husband and installing them.


The Martys said...

They are perfect for that area and they look wonderful. I am glad that I could help out with an idea. :-)

jessica said...

very cute, I want some too!

TLEB said...

I love the lights too - it really changed up the hallway!