Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sweet visitors and sweet treats

Ice cream at Grandma and Grandpa's always comes with sprinkles and a cherry on top. Isn't that the way it is supposed to be?

Cooper and Jackson and their mom spent Saturday night here as Ryan was in Kansas for a big basketball game. We won't talk any more about the game. I guess he did have fun with his brother so the trip wasn't a total waste!Cooper enjoying his ice cream.
I couldn't get a smile from Jackson, but aren't those the best cheeks for kissing you ever saw?? Chubalicious!
Cooper loved the bubbles. It was his first time in the big tub and the bubbles were a hit. It was a little hard to find the tub toys though.
Then on Monday Elizabeth and Benjamin came by for a little while. Elizabeth discovered some toys in "her" room that she had forgotten about and played by herself for quite awhile. Ben decided he wanted a bath so he could go fishing. I have a little pole and a few magnetic fish and he was occupied with that for some time. I didn't really like having one in the tub and one in the bedroom - hard to keep an eye on both! I obviously had to stay in the bathroom with Ben, but Elizabeth wanted me to come play with her too. I hate to disappoint any of them!!
After the bath Ben wanted to be a "bug" I have a ladybug and bumblebee costume and he calls them bugs. {which I guess they are} He is a pretty cute ladybug.
It was nice to spend time with all of them this weekend - and I'm looking forward to more of the same this weekend when they come over for the super bowl.


jessica said...

cute pictures! I love the ladybug picture of Ben, too cute! Cooper did love the bath, I thought it was funny seeing him in the bath up to his neck in bubbles! He doesn't get that at our house!

TLEB said...

The ladybug ben is pretty funny - he likes to put on elizabeth's makeup at our house too! :) Cooper in the bath is so cute! He looks like he had a great time!