Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Has It Been 35 Years?

Bob and I celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary in June.  It really does not seem possible that it could be that long.  If I could do the math I would figure out what percent of our lives we've been together.  More than half for sure, and getting close to 75% I think.  We have been blessed in so many ways, and are thankful for each and every day.

We took a Mediterranean Cruise for our 30th, and decided to take another cruise for this one.

Can you guess where we are?

I try to take a picture of each countries' flags ~ but I confess that I didn't know them either.
But I do now:-)

This is not the Red Cross, this is the Danish flag.






and I've searched my photos over and over, but I can't find the flag of Finland.   We did go there too, so just imagine a white flag with a blue cross. 

As you probably can guess, we went on a Baltic cruise.  It was pretty terrific ~ but kind of hard to describe.  When you go to England or France or Italy, it is easy to tell everyone what sights you've seen.  They are all so familiar to everyone.

These places were not as familiar to me so visiting on a cruise ship was a great way to get a little taste of each country.  But hard to tell just what you saw to the folks back home.  No "name brand" monuments to tell about. {well, the Berlin wall is kinda famous as are a few of the palaces in St. Petersburg}

We went on the Emerald Princess, and I didn't take one picture of the ship.  Luckily for you, we took the very same ship on it's inaugural year to the Mediterranean.  Here is a fuzzy picture of the ship docked in Ephesus, Turkey.

It's big.

~ Really big ~

But the rooms are small.
{flowers are from my 30th trip too ~ no flowers for 35 ~ hmmm}

Just in case you want to see a cruise ship potty ~ it's this small.

For the next few days I will be posting about our trip.  Mostly for my memory.  Please come back if you would like to see some random shots taken from buses and boats.  This was a trip that did not produce stellar photos ~ but we have some stellar memories.

And that's what it's all about.


Debbie said...

Now this sounds just wonderful. I had never "known" anyone to take a Baltic cruise before, and ironically just last week some people we know took one too. This would be so much more up my alley than a Caribbean one.

And happy belated anniversary! I'll be looking for more posts so I can vicariously experience it.

Jen S. said...

Happy Anniversary!
Sounds like a wonderful trip! Can't wait to see more pictures. :)

jessica said...

Love seeing your room. That potty is something else! Lucky to have a balcony! That's fun to have a photo of all the flags!

TLEB said...

Happy 35th! I am so excited to see all your pictures from your trip!