Sunday, August 26, 2012

It's Back To School!

I interrupt my travelogue to share some big news around here.
Cooper and Ben are going to Kindergarten.

This is not the best picture, but pretty typical for them:-)
Grandpa and I took them to Legoland to celebrate Back To School.  I didn't do any research ahead of time and so didn't know to purchase tickets on line to get in a little faster.  The line was long and they told me about an hour wait, but luckily for us it was only about 30 minutes. 

As you first enter, you all have a mini tour of how a lego is made.  Then they funnel you into a ride that is kind of like the Buzz Lightyear ride at Disney.  It's not nearly as fun and graphic but the boys thought it was great and that is all that counts.  
When you exit the ride you are "in" Legoland.  It was crowded!  And small!
We wedged our way in and made some lego cars to test on the race track.  Luckily some nice little boy gave us his so we would have some wheels.  They really could use a few more sets of wheels!

There were 2 other rides, I think this jeep one was their favorite.  The kids just drive these around a track.  No grownups allowed, obviously.

One complaint I had here was the wall in the queue was solid,  not plexiglass so all of the little kids who were dying to see what this was all about had to do this.  Grandma and Grandpa held them up for awhile, but they are heavy.  

Some lego basketball player.  Bob seemed to know who he was:-)

DFW in legos.
This was really impressive.

The other ride was some pedaling thing that made you go up in the air and around in circles.  They thought it was great fun and neat that they could do it themselves.  I was thrilled that they could ride alone too as I am not a ride grandma.  I am a watch and wave grandma;-)

Now all that fun took place on Friday and on Saturday we celebrated our baby turning 3.

Adorable Very Hungry Caterpillar party.

These are teeny tiny caterpillars that Jessica made and the bunch of 3's had their own magnifying glasses and they went on a caterpillar hunt.  So cute and fun.

She made a book called The Very Hungry Jackson and it was so cute.  The guests all signed the book.  It is a great idea for a birthday keepsake.

Happy Birthday Jackson!!!

And if that wasn't enough fun, we took Elizabeth for her back to school outing and we went for our 3rd visit to American Girl.  We went before Kindergarten and 1st grade too, so it is safe to say that this is a new tradition.

The last 2 visits Elizabeth was very intrigued by the doll hair salon.  I told her this visit we could get one of her dolls hair done and she was thrilled.  She decided that her favorite doll, Elizabeth would be the lucky recipient of the new do.

She did not have to agonize over all of the hair do choices.  As soon as she saw this one she was sold.

I think I remember a little princess of our own ~

She was so excited that her Elizabeth would have her very own crown.

The color is all wonky in the cafe pics ~ so I can't show you every menu selection {big relief I'm sure!} but I had to include this pic of the 2 Elizabeth's with their glasses.  That was something else she really wanted to get, a pair for her doll.  Grandma is always ready to accomodate:-)

We had a wonderful weekend celebrating all 4 of our grands.

It doesn't get any better than this!


Lori said...

Kids back to school. And I think Grandparents deserve a nap. Looks like lots of fun.

Jen S. said...

WOW--what FUN times! Legoland looks like a great time! I don't do rides either, but always have fun watching!

That ceterpillar party was so cute and super CREATIVE! I ♥ it!

What fun to go to the American Girl place. We've never been, but we've heard about it. The dolls are so pretty, and what fun to get their hair done, etc. What a little girls dream!

You guys always do the best, most fun things. I always enjoy getting to see the pictures from your adventures!

Here's to a great week ahead!

Mimi said...

Oh, what exciting "before school" adventures! Legoland looks fun but with 5 girls I'll probably never know; but I know all about the American Girl store! You're right ~ it doesn't get any better than being with the grands!

Debbie said...

Do you have ANY idea how scrinched up my shoulders got by the end of this?? This is one of my favorite posts of yours of all time. You hit on all four of those precious grandchildren in one post. I just LOVE it.

... and the Super Grandma Award this week goes, once again, to Sue at Ordinary Miracles.

jessica said...

You got some wonderful pictures! I agree, You win the Super Grandma Award!!!

TLEB said...

Oh, I loved seeing all the pictures! It's one thing to hear about it but it's quite another to see it all. You have always been such fabulous grandparents, and this is one of the many reasons why. You make EVERYTHING special for the kids!!