Tuesday, November 15, 2011

An Award

I was honored and surprised to receive this award from Suzy who blogs at Worthing Court.  Thank you Suzy! 


The recipient of this award is asked to thank the blogger who bestowed this award upon them and to include a link back to their blog.  Then to pass the award onto fifteen other bloggers, include a link to each of their blogs and to reveal seven things about yourself that others may not 

Hmmm, 7 things about me.

1.  I married my high school sweetheart, we were voted cutest couple of our senior class.
2.  We have lived in 6 states in our almost 35 year marriage.
3.  We have twin daughters and the 4 cutest grandchildren on earth!!
4.  My mother had twins too, and my twins were born on the same day ~ 13 years later.
5.  I hate to exercise ~ 
6.  I have my Christmas shopping almost done, and everything is wrapped.  I feel panicky if it's not wrapped by Halloween.
7.  I love to organize.  Although my garage currently looks like it is auditioning for Hoarders. 

That was difficult.  I have new found admiration for those of you with the list of 100 things ~ 7 was tough for me.

I could not single out 15 blogs, so please consider yourself awarded if you are reading this.  I so appreciate each and 
everyone of you that stops by!!


Jen S. said...

Hi there~
Congrats on your award!

That's so cool about you and your Mother both having twins....how neat!

I cannot believe how early you get your gifts bought and wrapped...that's so awesome! I totally admire that, and wish so bad I could get mine done that early! I always try and it just never happens!

Lori said...

Just a few about me that we have in common. I married my high school sweetheart, we didn't win the award but we should have! I have twin girls ( and one younger daughter ). Almost all Christmas done and what I have, yes it is wrapped. Only two states in 31 years of marriage though. That was fun reading a bit about you.

Debbie said...

Here's a random response to your random list:
I think I want you to make one more move...to Georgia... so you can be my life coach. Don't worry, you can bring the whole family with you.

I just really need someone to teach me how to get ON THE STICK with Christmas gifts. WOW to you!

(And having seen your grandchildren, I will not dispute the cutest claim. They are pretty adorable.)

Debbie said...

And one more thing: For many reasons, you remind me so much of my sister (The Farm Sister).

The Martys said...

Congrats Sis!!

TLEB said...

Yay - congratulations!!

jessica said...

Wow, fun award!