Sunday, April 28, 2013

Birthday Girl

Somehow this girl, my first and only grand girl has turned 8.
How this happened is a mystery to me.

{and I add she is the only grand girl for about 5 days more...}

This is Elizabeth and her doll, Elizabeth.

I have financed her addiction to a certain doll company and I love that she loves them. 
I am a doll girl, and a book girl, so when you combine the 2 it is bound to be true love:-)
And she is a doll girl and a book girl so the fun continues for another generation.

Elizabeth recently celebrated her birthday with an American Girl doll party and every detail was darling.

The dolls' table. 

The table for the big girls.

I love the cake that Laura made, and the sparkler on top!

The girls got to choose their lunch with their very own menu.  I got to help serve.

As one of their activities the girls made their very own food for their dolls.  Elizabeth is sharing her concoctions with me.

Everything is better with sprinkles:-)

My beautiful 8 year old girl.

I was so happy to share in the day with Elizabeth and her friends.  I brought MY dolls to the party too, but alas, no picture.

Happy Birthday Elizabeth.


Lori said...

She is a doll! And you are a doll of a grand-mother.

The Martys said...

She is a beautiful girl and so grown up. Love her American girl party. How fun!!

Vicky said...

Oh this is utterly adorable and cool all at once. I too love my dolls- and books, oh my. That cake looks like it was professionally made- very pretty! How fun for all of you!

Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

That cake looks beautiful! You almost hate to cut into something that pretty. :) I love the zebra print decor. I agree...everything is better with sprinkles. :) What a gorgeous grand daughter!!

jessica said...

I can't believe she is 8!!

Debbie said...

I love this!! My mother happened to have financed that same addiction to that same certain company, and we have no regrets. Our Felicity and Samantha STILL live in some now deserted bedrooms of once upon a time little girls...

...who were 8 just yesterday. I could just swear they were.

I love Laura's cake and would love to know how she made it so rosy.

You just got yet another gold star. You are full up to the chin with them in the book I keep in my head.

(And tell Elizabeth that she went from little girl to a very VERY lovely young lady recently. She looks like her mommy and aunt to me.

TLEB said...

Thanks for coming and all your help with the serving-I couldn't have done it without you, grandma, Jessica and auntie Sue!

Rettabug said...

What a delightful party for a precious angel...she is BEAUTIFUL, Sue & I know you just love her to pieces! She is just 1 yr. younger than Ms. C, who turns 9 on June 14th.

I am sending a link to my DD so she can get some ideas for that upcoming birthday. I hear it is going to be a sleepover, too. Lord help the parents...I'm taking the boys for the night. LOL

I'm thrilled to hear you found a milkglass punch bowl set, too. I see bridal & baby showers in our futures.