Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Annual St. Nicholas Tea Party

Once again Elizabeth and I hosted a little tea party for some of her friends.  We have been hosting this tea for at least 4 years I think.  This year's party was my easiest yet.  
Elizabeth invited 5 little girl friends, her little cousin Amelia,  and her Grandma H.  One little friend couldn't make it so my table was set for 8.

Of course the boys were welcome too, but Cooper had a basketball game, and Ben decided he and Jackson would rather eat at the counter rather than with the girls.

It is not a fancy tablescape, I didn't even use silverware except for little spoons for stirring the "tea" and sugar cubes.

I love white tulips.

We had little cakes and fruit and cookies.  I told you it was simple.
Over the years we have thrown away a lot of food.  I have learned that they really don't eat that much.

Yummy peppermint pretzels that will make another appearance at the peppermint party on Friday.

A bad picture of some good strawberries.

Elizabeth and 2 friends in their party finery.  They were so cute and so excited.

All the girls are here.

After our tea, we always play the same 2 games.  Christmas bingo with marshmallow markers and "hot" Rudolph.  I have a Rudolph that is in Elizabeth's lap below that plays music that gets progressively faster and then buzzes.  Oh how they love to play with this.  All my pictures are blurry because there is a lot of very fast Rudolph passing.

And that's it for the pictures.  After the games the girls went out to the cleaned playhouse and had a ball.  We were blessed with a beautiful day and they had so much fun outside.

After the horrific events of Friday, this party was even more important to me.

I love celebrating Elizabeth.  The little girl who made me a grandma:-)

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Lori said...

So perfect and more great memories. I love it... the little girl who made me a grandma!

The Martys said...

Looks like fun was had by all. Elizabeth is lucky to have you for a grandma.

Shenita @ Embellishments by SLR said...

How fun, Sue! Everyone looks so happy; and I am sure that Elizabeth will treasure these moments forever! You're an awesome Grandma!

Teresa@oursoutherncountryhomeandfarm said...

Oh, enjoy these little get together's while you can. I miss things like this so much. It all changes the older they get :(

Debbie said...

I love every bit of it. You were right to keep the food simple. It's the whole essence of the thing that the girls like, I'll bet. The food is just part of the big picture.

I hope you and Elizabeth do this for years and years and years.

jessica said...

Jackson had so much fun! Can't wait for tomorrow!

Kim said...

What an absolutely precious idea. You are creating some truly wonderful memories for those children. I'm not sure if I ever mentioned this or not, but your home is one of my favorites to see at Christmas time and all through the year. Enjoy your Christmas with your beautiful daughters and their families!

Jen S. said...

You have the best parties ever! How sweet and wonderful. Everything looked amazing!

Rettabug said...

How FUN!! Sue, you have made some very special memories for these sweet little girls. I would have LOVED to sit at that tea party table & tasted all those yummy treats.

I've been intending to come visit you & let you know how much I appreciated you checking in with me. It really meant a great deal to know you cared. Thank you for your recent sweet welcoming words, too.

I loved seeing all your beautiful nativity sets & am soooo jealous of your darling little play house for your grands. It looked really pretty with the dusting of snow. We've got several inches on the much that I can't get the door to the gazebo open to bring in the little Christmas tree! It may still be on display come St. Patrick's Day! LOL

Warm hugs & thanks again for keeping in touch.