Thursday, May 3, 2012


Just a few shots of our Easter Sunday.

I love my matching boys and hope we can continue this a few more years.  Elizabeth had a lovely green stripe in her dress to coordinate.  And she is sporting her very first pair of "heels".  We took her shoe shopping and these caught her eye immediately.  Her mom pointed out some more practical sandals, w/o the teeny heel and because she loves her mom and does not like to disappoint she was trying those on.  It's hard to explain her personality, she is a delight, but she is very serious ~ and I could just tell that she really preferred the heels.  Even though she kept saying" I really like them both".  There was that little smile when she tried on the pumps and a little lingering look in the mirror.  So, after both of us coaxing her to make a decision and that she could get whichever ones she wanted ~ she got the heels.  And they were the perfect, very unpractical choice.  {Her mom is practical}{but Grandma was buying:-)}

and so...

I thought by getting a new camera I would eliminate my orange photos.  I guess not;-(

Laura's family

Jessica's family

The hunt is on!  And mostly blurry.  This was our very first indoor hunt in Texas.  The rain began as we left church and really started to rain hard by the time we got home.  


Action shot

As you can tell, the kids each get their own color eggs.  It makes for no tears, and actually a lot of cooperation as they call to each other that they found a PINK egg or whatever.  I did this always ~ even when my girls were little.

They had a lot of fun hunting, and I wish I had a video of the hunt for the "big" kids.  They did NOT have their own color ~ all the eggs were purple and there was only cold hard cash in those.  It was fierce competition and I think Jessica and Ryan came out ahead.  

And, lastly, a little Easter vignette in my kitchen.  The lamb was a flea market find, and the little cross on the vase was crocheted by my bible small group leader.

The Lamb of God, represented by white flowers for purity and holiness and the purple signifies the royality of Christ our King. 

It was a happy Easter.

Blessings to all of you.


Lori said...

Great shots of the indoor hunt. Did your daughters cooridinate their outfits too? Or was that one of those twin things?

Love Being A Nonny said...

Your family is beautiful! Love this!

Debbie said...

I love the part about the shoes. That's just so precious to me, and I do indeed know what it is like to have a practical one around the house. I'm so glad Grandma got to buy her the shoes that made her smile. I love the way she has her shoulders scrinched in the family shot. She's such a pretty girl. She's going to look just like her Mom and aunt, don't you think?

The boys are adorable in their vests too. I love matching outfits.

I seriously think you and my mom are so alike. She color coded the eggs when the kids were little too. Then, she started numbering them instead. It made it a little harder but was the same principle.

Jen S. said...

What a sweet story about the shoes! :) So cute!

What wonderful pictures of a beautiful family!