Tuesday, May 1, 2012

"Cooking" with Ben, and Cooper's School

During the week between Palm Sunday and Easter I had a little visit from Ben.  I don't often see Ben without his sister or his cousin Cooper so it was a special time.

He beat me twice at Go Fish, which was very exciting for him ~ 
and we did some "cooking" for Easter.

Isn't he so cute?

And our cookies ~ he only made 5, one for each grand on Easter and one for himself that day.  These are the easy crushed corn flakes, chow mien noodles, and white chocolate bird's nests.

Another day Holy Week, I went to Cooper's preschool for his Easter Egg Hunt.  I got to shadow Jackson.

Here his basket is full of treasures from Grandma's car.  That baby in the basket lives in my car and was my girls' when they were little.

My 2 sweet "fake smiling" boys.

They very sweetly let Jackson be a "big" boy and do the activity with his brother.  Here we are trying to make a bunny cupcake.

Then on the Saturday evening before Easter, Elizabeth and Ben came over to color eggs and take the first swim of the season.  The water was COLD!

They didn't seem to mind.

It was a fun and busy week and I am so glad that I finally got this blog post together before I forget any more details.  I seem to forget to take my camera with me most places, and if I don't have a picture I don't seem to remember what we did.  

We are doing a little work on our house and so my blogging is so sporadic.  Once the dust has settled I hope to be back to regular posts again.  Which for me is about once a week:-)

Happy May!


Debbie said...

So much fun! Is there a recipe for the bird nests? I really love stuff like that. LEt's face it. I'm never really going to grow up and be a plain old pound cake person.

And I love that very specific "fake smile" when kids do it. I was just looking through old snapshots here for a specific photo (which I couldn't find. Grr.) I can't tell you how many goofy smiles I found. I've decided that grin is a simple pleasure.

Thanks for letting me stalk your family. I hope you let us stalk your little home project too when the dust settles!

Summer is almost here. I'll bet that whimsical play house is going to see some action!

Mimi said...

Precious times with precious babies!! Can't wait to see your projects, although your home looked absolutely perfect before.

Jen S. said...

You guys sure do have a lot of fun! The kids are just so darn cute, and you're always doing such creative, fun things with them!
Great pictures!