Monday, January 30, 2012

Disney Trip

I'm going to post a "few" more pictures from our Disney trip ~ be thankful I didn't take very many pictures this year at all:-)

As I mentioned before, we spent Saturday and Sunday at Magic Kingdom and headed to Hollywood Studios on Monday morning.  We were hoping to get there when it opened to race to the Toy Story ride for fast passes, but we had a little later start and didn't get there at opening.

Still we raced to Toy Story and it was broken and fast passes were already for evening hours.  We were so disappointed.  The ride did open later in the day and the wait was 90 minutes.  No thank you.  We ended up coming back on our last day, Wednesday, to be with Buzz and Woody.  The grands like the Buzz ride at MK better, but the adults all prefer this one.  

Since we couldn't ride we looked for some characters and the kids were excited to meet Jake.  He's a new guy since our last visit.

We had time to watch the parade and had a great spot to sit and watch.  It was not crowded at all, nothing like watching a parade at MK.

This is a horrible picture of the kids, but a cute one of their shirts:-) and shows us waiting for the monorail.  An every day occurrence.

This was Tuesday morning and we were on our way to breakfast with Chef Mickey.

LOVE this picture of Jackson with his very favorite person.  I think he sleeps with at least 4 Mickeys in his crib.

We spent our last full day back at Magic Kingdom riding all of our favorites and catching the fireworks that evening.

Jackson and Jessica were behind Cooper and me on the race track.  It would have been a great picture to see Grandma getting out of that car at the end of the race.  HA

Our third and final character dining. 

As we were waiting to leave on our last day I snapped this picture of Elizabeth by Mary Poppins.  She loved that the umbrella and bag were real.

This is our last day back at HS on the Toy Story ride.  It has the cutest queue ever.  You are inside Andy's toy box and it is darling.  {especially when it is not filled with people so you can really see everything}

The soldier is trying to get Jackson to salute.

Hmmm ~ didn't quite get it:-)

Here are tired, but very happy Grandma and Grandpa with 4 tired, but happy grands.  We had a great trip and can't wait to do it again!!

2013 anyone?


Debbie said...

It looks wonderful! I think that your Jackson has the most adorable smile ever. I realized reading this and the previous post that I was literally doing it right back instinctively.

What a great time!

TLEB said...

I loved your pictures - and Jackson has the best faces ever! I never knew that until I saw all those pictures!!

Lori said...

You are very brave and wonderful and making wonderful memories. Disney is about the only theme park my husband will go to. He hates all the others.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

What a great memory....Loved every single picture....

I need a visit with the Mouse