Monday, December 12, 2011

More Christmas

I've been trying to get things finished up ~ I don't know why it always takes me so long!  But I see the light at the end of the tunnel, so that makes me happy.  

Coming down the hall from our living room are 3 rooms, library, guest room and guest bath.  I did change things up a little this year in the library.

I added a small tree to this small room.  The living room tree gets my collection of blown glass ornaments and is very sparkly.  This is our family tree.  35 Christmases are represented on this tree.  No ribbon or theme, every ornament is different and most have a story to tell.  I have been sitting in my library a lot lately, it's very cozy, so I am happy to have this tree in here.


Santa sits on top because this is the Night Before Christmas room.

The fireplace makes winter reading so much fun.

New pillow this year ~ LOVE.

My very favorite smell is the whole wide world ~ The Smell of Christmas ~ with the addition of a clove orange that I made.  Do you make clove oranges?

I was so disappointed at first that my Byer's Choice Santas were a tad too tall for the shelves on my new bookcase.  My mother gave me one a year for several years for Christmas and I just had no where to put them in this house.  But I pulled the pins on 3 shelves and just removed them.  That was so much easier than moving all the shelves around.

Santa sits on top of my basket of Night Before Christmas books.  It's time to start parting with some, so I'm giving each grand one this year.  {doesn't make a dent in the collection:-) }

Cutie pie grandchildren.

I've had this Fitz and Floyd forever.  I'm glad to finally have a place for it.

Sorry my pictures are blurry.  I'd ask Santa for a new camera if only I knew which one to get.  I'd like a great point and shoot ~ any suggestions?

A quick shot of our guest bath, because I wanted to show you my tree made of jewelry from the 50's made by my aunt.  I saw a similar one in West Virginia, about twice as big, for over $2,000.  WOW

Guest room tree is all gold and white.  

This all white nativity sits on the bedside table.

I have a tree in our family room and one in the master, but no pictures yet.  This year had been active ~ to say the least.  I have my cards to do this week and a little shopping.  We celebrate this weekend as Jessica and her family are leaving for Kansas to spend Christmas with her in laws.

Merry Christmas!

I am sharing this at Kristen's Share Your Creation Party.


Lori said...

Is that a counted cross stitch piece I spied framed in the hallway! I used to do a lot of that. I am giving away some of my snow village pieces this year to the girls. Your study is great, wonderful way to display the Santa's. Oh, I just find it so hard to share my girls around Christmas time. One of my twins will be heading to Colorado (skiing) on Christmas day with her in laws. But, yeah they are going to spend Christmas Eve at our house and we will take them to the airport the next morning.

Lori said...

Oh, I forgot I just got a new camera. Takes great indoor pictures. But, a tripod is the trick for non blurry pictures. Best buy had a deal on my cannon Power shot SX150. Things I like great pictures, large not huge easy, makes it easy th hold. Not like batteries go fast, I probably need to buy some rechargable ones. Too bulky to slip in my purse. (special was around 250.00)

Debbie said...

As usual, I loved the tour. That little jewelry tree in the guest bath is really lovely! There is no telling how much it would be valued on the open market. Of course I know that it's priceless to you.

I think the way you displayed your large Santas looks wonderful. I wish I had a library. I think I might start calling my den the library instead of the den. Why not?

Oh yeah. Because it's really just a den. Ha!

The Martys said...

I really like how the library turned out. I can see why you are spending more time in there. I still covet that pillow ( and the jewelry tree....why didn't she make another one! ). Looks wonderful as usual.

Jen S. said...

What a fun tour! As always, everything is beautiful! Your home is amazing and I love all of your Christmas decorations. It was fun reading about them.

I made clove oranges when I was kid, and had actually forgotten about them. I just might have to make a few now! I love how they smell. MMMMM!

Have a great day, and thanks for the beautiful tour!

jessica said...

I agree Amy, I love that jewlery tree! We're going to have to make a clove orange with the boys, they would love it!

Suzy said...

Oh, Sue - what a cozy and inviting room. I can just imagine you all snuggled up with a good book. I adore your tree with all of it's Christmas memories!