Friday, February 4, 2011

Iced In

You have probably heard that Texas has been having a few "weather issues" for the last few days.  The eyes of the world are on us, as we have lots of people in town for the big game on Sunday.

I have lived in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Illinois, Missouri, and Kansas and I have never been trapped in my house for 3 1/2 whole days.  {maybe I used to be braver?}

We have a lot of ice, and it has been cold!!  But today the sun came out and by afternoon I felt brave enough to go to Subway and get a sandwich and they were closed!!  I stopped in a Hobby Lobby instead, it just felt so good to be out of the house.

While I was house bound, I got caught up on some house projects that were badly needed.
But first I arranged these flowers that I bought on Monday, before the ice hit.
Green and yellow, one of my favorite color combos.

 With my little lemon plate, and my very favorite candle, it was just a little spot of sunshine, and a little bit of longing for spring.

 Trapp, orange vanilla, my hands down favorite.  It has a strong scent so if you don't care for that you won't like this candle, but I love it.
Hope your weather is warming up, where ever you are!

I'm off to put a warm robe on and curl up with my book and perhaps a glass of wine in my newly rearranged library.   I hope you all have a good evening too!


Shelia said...

OH, how pretty this is. You have a little spot of sunshine right on that gorgeous piece of furniture.
Now do you live in Houston? I'm in Galveston! I've been watching the news all day and the roads looked terrible with all the ice and those accidents.
be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Cathy~Mille Fleur said...

You are too brave for me;)! We finally got out yesterday to go to the movie...but my husband drove! My youngest has been out of school for 4 days...I've been cooking, reading and watching movies. I am going out tomorrow if it kills me...whoops...might be a bad choice of words;)!

Your flowers are beautiful and I adore the little plate! Trapp candles are one pf my favorites too...I like the Mediterranean Fig and the Lavender...I've got the Fig burning right now! Stay warm and have a wonderful weekend!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Love the flowers....we have been couped up for three days too and still lots of ice on the road......

The Martys said...

What a nice simple tabletop. The flowers do look very springy and so does the plate. I think I may need to do a little touch of spring! We will definitely be having a long wait til spring. I wish I could by Trapp candles here. Guess when I come to visit I will have to stock up. ( I still wish I had that candle stand, I adore it.)

Have a great weekend.

Love ya sis.

Lori said...

Fresh flowers, lovely splurge! Lucky to get them on Monday and enjoy all week. I am into my third nook book! We have watched 6 movies... going stir crazy here too. Hope to head to Canton tomorrow.

Pat said...

Beautiful! Loved seeing the yellows.

We had more snow overnight. Enough to cover the driveway again. Our friends (from Missouri) winter in TX or AZ, in their fifth wheel every year. Many years they are at S. Padre. This is one of those years. They are in a hotel, at the moment, due to frozen pipes. She says she still prefers that to what we have here in Missourim right now.:-)

Debbie said...

I have watched the weather and prayed for all my invisible friends in Texas.

I love LOVE a yellow and green combination myself. Plus, I think there is nothing quite as mood lifting as fresh flowers.

Love it.
Stay warm and brace for additional rounds. This is C-RAZY weather!