Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Welcome to the Cabin

Bob and I had a great time last week opening our cabin for the summer season. I got a few new treats to spiff up the place, and had a great time hunting for them. This is one of the new treats, a fun little welcome at the front door. We have a bear thing going as you will soon see.We spent a great part of the week staining the front of the cabin and painting the shutters. Bob did most of the work but I did some low work and I painted the shutters. Pretty good for me, because I hate wood ticks and they love the grass that I was standing in. I did a thorough check every time I came in, that's for sure.
It looks good - on the front- next up is the side of the porch and the back deck. The rest of the cabin will wait until next year.
Another new treasure is the pretty red chair for my front porch. I love the color red and the chair was the perfect size for a basket by the door. The plant is being babysat at my sister's until we return in the middle of June. Thanks Amy!

I did a little sprucing up on the lower level too. We have a walk out, and there is one bedroom, a bathroom, laundry room and a large multi purpose room on that level. We have used the large room as the grandchildren's bunk room/play area.

This is the downstairs bath, basic, but you can see the start of the bears and the red! Bears are everywhere, and I am trying to keep it in good taste, but it is so tempting to go nuts with it. The very first thing I bought for the cabin was a bear footstool and that just started the theme. My friend and neighbor suggested that I go with the 3 bears and Goldilocks and I have amassed quite a collection of books and bears and toys and puzzles. It is quite fun for the grandchildren and they can't wait to come to the "3 bears" house.
I love it.

This is the one corner of the kids room. We are bringing up a tv stand and tv for the corner, for dvd viewing. We don't have any tv reception at the cabin. Comfy rocker for stories and baby rocking.
In another corner, we had a window cut out from the area under the staircase, and Bob made the bear shutters for a little play house under the stairs. If you peek out the window you will see a bear in the forest climbing a tree!!
We have 2 sets of bunks in this room, ready for 6 grandchildren. {we have 4 - so far} {hint}

Our little lake - so peaceful. I took this on my birthday as we floated along.
Bob was fishing.....just baby fish.
And I was relaxing.........perfect way to spend my day.
We are looking forward to spending a few weeks up there soon, with lots of company.

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can't wait to spend time there!