Monday, June 14, 2010

More Maine

We are off to another day of sight seeing in beautiful Maine. We woke up to rain this morning, and it sounded so nice and cozy as I was lying in bed. But, we had a full day planned and we were anxious to get to it.

Our first stop was Pemaquid Point Lighthouse. The drive from Rockland was so pretty, very wooded with glimpses of water now and then.
I was thankful for no fog so we could see the lighthouse. This one was open, so we could go in the house and up in the lighthouse if we wanted. {Robin and I did not want}

Bob and Jim went up the winding stairs and took some pictures for us.
So beautiful, and yeah - the sun came out!
I had to take a picture of this - because Jim can't resist the rocks.
On his way down.
You can see why we worry - the waves are BIG!
But of course all ended well, and all of that adventure made us hungry. We had lunch at this little pub, and we enjoyed it.
We continued on the coast to Boothbay Harbor. Our lunch has worn off and so of course we are looking for ice cream. I am so glad I waited to order, because I wanted to see what Bob's looked like........that's a brownie sundae! I wisely decided not to order and shared his. It was very good.
The end of the day found us back on the porch of the inn having a little something before dinner. We ended up walking into town and eating at a little diner that was recommended in my travel book.
We had a lot of fun in Rockland. I know we could have stayed a few more days. I forgot to take pictures of the Farnsworth Museum located in Rockland. They have many Wyeth paintings there and it was nice to be able to go through quickly before we headed out for our day on the road.

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TLEB said...

Ben wants that sundae he said! Looks like a beautiful trip! Can't wait to read about the rest of it.