Monday, March 29, 2010

A Month of March

Another random post, full of pictures of bits and pieces of our month.

One day, last week, Cooper and I spent the day together. I took him to his gym class and then to my house for the day. On the way from gym class I noticed how cute he looked sitting in the car seat clutching the doll that was his mom's! I keep a basket of little golden books in the car and also this old doll that is almost 30 years old. We bought 2 of these dolls one day when we had Laura and Jessica in some store. I can still remember that moment - we had the girls in shopping carts and must have been cruising the toy aisle. I showed them this doll {she talks if you pull the string in the back} and Jessica just had to have it. You have to understand this was a big deal for us. I didn't buy the kids that much in those days and we hardly ever took them to a store! Her reaction was just so cute that we gave in that day. { I think I am giving you this background to explain why I would have a 30 year old , not so cute, doll in my car.}

Any hoo , back to Cooper.
{note to Jessica, I took this picture while we were stopped at a stoplight!}
Another day, I went with Laura and the kids to a mall that is not so close to our house. But the big draw is that is has a Pottery Ba*n Kids AND a carousel. Always a fun trip.

A really exciting tablescape for St. Patrick's Day.
This is a favorite picture - The first day of spring in Texas.

And now on to Palm Sunday. We had brunch here yesterday after church. I like to give the kids their Easter baskets a week early so that is doesn't interfere with their ones at home. {Plus we get to stretch out the fun a bit}
I am loving my new kitchen table that fits the whole family! I still have another leaf that I could add so we could add a few more members to our family!!
The baskets on the floor {pink and lavender are Laura and Jessica's from forever}
It was hard to wait to dig in to the goodies.

Cool dude...

A little silly string action. Note to self - the big kids would like some in their basket too.
Yeah, Jackson woke up.
Fun day - fun month. Now on to adventures in April.


Kat said...

Hi Sue

Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday...and for your advice. Life is crazy/busy right now, but so exciting.


jessica said...

Great pictures from the month of March. Are you posting monthly now? :) We had a great time at your house Palm Sunday, and we're now looking forward to Easter! Hopefully Cooper is healthy by then.