Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A New Beginning

Well, hello there.

It's been awhile.

I do love a fresh new year, lots of memories to be made in the days and months ahead.
But before I move on to the new, I need to recap a little of the old.

Our Christmas season was wonderful, as I hope yours was, filled with lots of grandchildren activities and many evenings curled up by the tree with a good book.
{I am doing well with my resolution to read more:-) } 

Here are a few snippets of decor and activities in no particular order, for my memory.  I change my decor very little from year to year, so when I do add something like this monogram to the front door, I like to remember it for next year.
The best part was it showed up great from the street.  The green wreath on the dark door kind of gets lost.

One of the few pictures I took on our annual trip to the Gaylord.
My sweet girls.

The tree in the media room that took ~ oh ~ about 5 minutes to decorate while we watched Christmas Vacation.
The stuff is just stuck on there.

New wreaths for the library doors.

I put the Nutcracker collection on the mantel in the library.

My sweet book club friends and the crowns from our Christmas crackers.  It was fun to introduce some of the women to our family tradition.

Cutie pie Jackson and his preschool program.

A few pictures from our Nutcracker "Sweet" tea party.
I sugared them up and sent them home.
It was to be Claire's first tea party and she was sick:-(
Next year!

Our annual Christmas meal out ~ we always go to the same place, usually a Sunday evening in December.
I brought a few Christmas coloring and activity sheets for the kids to pass the time.

The 3 musketeers.

Claire likes stickers.

Christmas Eve at church.
Can you see why I needed a new camera?
Bob took these and didn't notice that the shutter doesn't' open all the way.
I did get a new camera for Christmas and so now the errors will be all mine.

Snips and snaps of our Christmas morning.

2013 was a good year.
Of course the highlight was the addition of Claire to our family.

I pray that 2014 will be a good year too.
It's off to a great start.

1 comment:

Debbie said...

I'm so glad to see you post this. Is it creepy to say that I love to stalk your family?

I loved every picture, but the things I was most drawn to for some oddball reason were the clothes. I love the plaid Christmas outfits in the biggest way, and Claire's little
ruffly pants outfit nearly made my toes curl. That is so adorable! She looks like a piece of the scenery.

I'm sorry she missed her first Christmas tea a Grandma's house.
That stinks.