Monday, February 11, 2013

I Do Love Disney

       For the third January in a row we packed up our gang and headed to the most magical place on earth!

We spent 7 nights and 8 days doing all things Disney.

On our first full day we headed to Hollywood Studios minus Laura.  She woke up with strep throat and spent the day trying to get meds.  {she did}

These 2 kindergartners were trying to screw up their courage to ride the Tower of Terror.  {pictured behind them}
They were much braver than Grandma ~ they both went on and said they liked it.  They did it last year and did not like it a bit.

Here are my boys on the behind the scenes movie ride.  I show this pic to contrast it with the one below.

Here comes the flood and the fire ~

After narrowly escaping we found some friends of at least 3 of our gang.

Look at Jackson ~ he wasn't really scared, he just didn't want to go up to them.  I thought this blurry pic was pretty funny.
{won't this be wedding rehearsal ammo some day? lol}

Bob couldn't wait for the gang to eat.  I show this to show you how deserted the cafe was ~ we love the smaller crowds in January.

Then we ran into this famous duo.  Elizabeth explained which was Phineas and which was Ferb but I retained that info for about 3 seconds.  I have never seen this show and have no clue who is who.  Look at Jackson, he ran right up to get his book signed, and then...

P or F pleading with him to come back.

He was not successful:-)

Day 2 we headed to Epcot to breakfast with the princesses.
My camera died right after these pictures so I think that's why they are so blurry.

As I said, my camera died right after these shots so I took the rest of my photos on my phone.
I just got a new phone right before Christmas and I still can't sync my phone because I need to update my software.  I haven't done that because I was debating just getting a new laptop.
So, while I try to make up my mind, my photos are trapped!
I wanted to at least get a little of our trip up on the blog for the memories.

My 2 cents worth:

Each time we go to Disney we learn a little more about what to do and what not to do.  We love the fast pass system and use it a lot, but the concierge at the hotel said they are looking to change it up ~ just when we are getting used to it this way.

I definitely think that lunch reservations are a pain.  You have to stop what you're doing or not chance getting in a queue for a line because you might not make it in time.  That means a big block of time in the middle of the day wasted.  We had character dining at Animal Kingdom for lunch and ended up waiting almost 45 after our reservation time.  Never again.
We love the breakfasts before the park opens ~ that's our favorite way to do character dining.  You can take some great photos without a million people in the background:-)

The new Be Our Guest restaurant in Fantasyland is just beautiful.  We ate there 2 different days for lunch and the food was pretty good too.  Hopefully I'll get the pics soon and share a bit.


Mimi said...

Oh what fun!! The kids all look so excited. We had a blast with three of ours the first week in December and it wasn't really crowded then either and I loved all the Christmas decorations. Hopefully we can get all of ours in one trip soon.

The Martys said...

I hope we can join you in a few years. Looks like everyone had a great time. Love the expressions on the boys faces with the water coming at them.