Friday, November 9, 2012

We Are Thankful!

I know in my last post I said I was all ready to begin my Christmas preparations...and I am.
I use the month of November to ready my house and buy my gifts and hopefully reach the first Sunday in Advent ready to prepare my heart and spirit for the birth of our Saviour.
There is nothing more crushing to my spirit than crowds and traffic.

But, we are thankful for all that we have and just to show that I don't totally ignore the day of thanks I thought I would share my preparations:-)

From the blog Dear Lillie.

Stories to read to the grands.  I think I have given away all of my other Thanksgiving books.

And just a little fun at the back door.

I am borrowing my daughter's Cricut to do a few Christmas things and thought I'd do a little something for Thanksgiving too.

...and on the guest bath mirror

I am having way too much fun with the Cricut when I should be doing some work!

Happy Thanksgiving!
{less than 2 weeks away ~ yikes!}

Joining Richella for Grace at Home.


WendyBee said...

Oh, I love what you have done with the Cricut! Especially on the mirror. I don't have a cricut, but I am definitely going to adapt that idea for our downstairs bathroom mirror. very much in the spirit of the season.
I will also check the link for the printable.
May I recommend a book for the grandchildren? The pictures are so beautiful. The book is OOP, I think, but you can probably find it on ebay or Amazon, since you're shopping anyway. It's called "Goody O'Grumpity" and it has an authentic recipe from the original Plymouth Colony (which I have never tried), but it has all the right ingredients: children, yummy baking, (you can almost smell it), farm animals, village vistas, and a look at our country's history.

TLEB said...

I love the mirror-I need to do that!

jessica said...

Adorable decorations-I agree, I need to do that too!

Mimi said...

I just knew I needed a Cricut and now I'm positive! Love what you've done. And I so agree about crowds and traffic! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

The Martys said...

Cute mirror. Very creative. You sure are having fun with that cricut. ; )

Debbie said...

I want a cricut!!! I think you can do the cutest things. I wish I had one.
It all looks festive to me!

Krystle @ Color Transformed Family said...

I love that you don't forget Thanksgiving! All your decorations look great and everything seems so thoughtful. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Richella Parham said...

How wonderful! You've done a great job in your Thanksgiving preparations--I can hardly wait to see what you do for Christmas. You're so wise to do your Christmas preparations early; I need to follow your example next year!

Every blessing to you and your family.