Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Visit From Lucky

I made these little bunny crackers for the kids the other day.  I've seen them in various places in blogland, and just did my own version.  I sent these home with Cooper and Jackson.  They have a long car ride home and a little snack helps.

I found these on a great website, here, and they were perfect for the kids.  I just used bags from Micheals and rainbow licorice.  I had some chocolate gold coins for the treasure.

The kids were coming over for dinner on St. Patrick's Day and at the last minute instead of using these as favors at the table I hid them in a little box with the rest of the gold coins.  I made up a few clues and put them on shamrocks.

The hunt for clues is on.

Luckily, Elizabeth is  a good reader.

The clues led them to the living room and then they were stumped.  

The clue said something about Rainbow Brite protecting the treasure and you can see her sitting on the table.  My grandchildren are terrible at hunting for things!!  They looked all around the living room... all the little doodads on the table...

but not one of them looked under the table skirt until Grandpa gave them a huge hint.  {And I always hide Easter baskets under this table so you would think they would remember.  Guess we'll see how they do in a few weeks!}

We had a fun evening followed by a movie and sleepover.  Laura and Jessica and I played a new to us game, Qwirkle.  It's fun and would be fun for school age kids too.

We are getting ready to have our floors done on our first floor.  Refinish the existing hardwood and then take up the tile and add wood to the kitchen, family room, and master bedroom.  It will be nice, but I am dreading the mess.  I'll try and remember to take a picture or two.

Happy Spring!


Sue said...

Where did you find the bunny crackers?They are absolutly adorable and much better than candy.

Debbie said...

My heart is kind of beating a little reading this because you remind me SO MUCH of my mom! Of course you know that's a huge compliment from me.

She has done an Easter treasure hunt since her grandchildren were little. I have a feeling that your grandchildren will be doing creative things at Grandma's well into their teens too. That's because you have such a close and happy family.

One of my favorite things about the post is the boys in their ties. I just giggled about that.

And I love the cracker idea too. Better than candy!

Jen S. said...

Hi Sue!
You always come up with the BEST, CUTEST ideas!! I love everything you did. The "carrots" are so stinkin' cute! Also, I think scavenger hunts are the best. We used to do those when I was a kid too, and I have such fun memories from that.
I have a question...the circles of paper with words on them on the top of the licorice bags are so you make those yourself? I'm assuming you do, since you're the queen of creativity and cute ideas!!! I'm just curious how you do those.
Looks like everyone had a great time. I always have fun stopping by your blog and seeing all the fun, awesome things you do.
Have a great weekend! :)

Mimi said...

Oh, how "lucky" you are to be close enough to your babies for those dinners!! Very cute ideas. Also, can't wait to see the new floor redo ~ they will be beautiful, I know! Have a great week.

jessica said...

Great pics, the kids had SO much fun!

The Martys said...

What their outfits. What a fun night for them.

TLEB said...

You do always do the best things! The kids always love them!

@Sue - my mom found the crackers at Target I'm sure but they are at a ton of places - they are Cheddar bunnies and the brand is Annies.

Daffodil Hill said...

Hi Sue! I love your blog! You have so many awesome ideas, and your style is fabulous! Love those gorgeous yellow chairs.