Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Table

Whew, I don't know how most of you do it, 3 posts in a week just about did me in!!  And some people post daily ~ I am in awe!

This is a table from last summer, I just got the new tablecloth and placemats and knew they would go great with the napkin rings I had stashed away.  

This table was for a real family dinner and I never got around to making a post.  It came in handy when I wanted to join in the summer entertaining party at Sherry's

We were going to eat outside but it was over 100 and I thought we'd melt.

It was just a fun, summery, colorful table.

We had jelly bean martinis.

I used wicker chargers and my white tin plates.

I use the bamboo flatware a lot in the summer.  It came from Ross a few summers ago.

I found the fun pop at Central Market.  They had all 6 colors!!

The napkin rings have all 6 colors in them too.

The grandchildren loved it.  No way their moms would let them eat all those jelly beans.  But they had some!

Summer Fun

Love the light in this shot.

Thanks for stopping by.

I am joining Sherry for the Block Party.
And Susan for Tablescape Thursday.

Come join us.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Patio

Welcome to the Summer Porch Party!

We are blessed with 3 outdoor areas, and I have a little of 2 to share.  Our house has a balcony, which creates a covered area below.  From Labor Day to Memorial Day, I keep a little bistro table and 4 chairs on the balcony.  We seldom use it, but I have had a tea party or 2 out there.  {Just kind of a pain to haul all of the things up, and then back down, but if it's requested...}

But, the memories are worth it.  Just look at that face.  How can she go to 1st grade this year?

Anyway, I digress ~ here is the lower, covered patio, ready for summer.  This furniture sits in the outdoor kitchen from Labor Day to Memorial Day, but we get out the power washer and clean everything up, and move it all around for the summer.

Just love to sit here with a book in the evening and look at the pool and fountain.  It's so relaxing.  

The door on the right goes into the family room and the door on the left into a little hall that goes to our bedroom.  We don't really use that door.  

I keep a basket of flip flops by the back door ~ that pavement gets hot!!

That is not a blank white block, it say "there are fairies at the bottom of our garden"  and for some reason is doesn't show up in the pictures.

A basket of necessities, goggles and sunblock.

More necessities, pool hats and toys.

Here is a great spot to blog or watch the action.

Close up of the fountain and flowers.

Here is our 3rd outdoor area ~ignore the pumpkins as I forgot to retake a picture:-)

For summer we move the dining table and little bistro table in here so we can dine in the shade.  Our family is often here for lunch and swimming and it is blazing hot everywhere but here.  
With the 2 tables and 4 barstools {we've added one} I can seat 14.  It comes in handy when the whole family is here, or when the girls have friends over to swim.

Much better to eat in the shade, plus we are close to the grill!

Joining Kim for the Summer Porch Party.
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Sunday, June 19, 2011

It's A Party!

I wanted to join in the fun at Debbie's paint party so I ran around and took a few new photos and looked for a few oldies to share.

I have a favorite spray paint from Lowe's ~ it's Valspar Pistachio.  Bob has looked for it twice this year and says they don't make it anymore.  I don't think he asked, so after vacation I will have to make a trip in there to find out for myself.  

I was going to refresh everything outside that has this color, but for now you will have to settle for some old pictures and a little faded paint.

This is a chandelier that hangs in front of the playhouse.  Looks so sweet at night ~ 


 Here it is over a little patio set that I bought at Hobby Lobby and painted green.  Perfect for tea parties.

This little picnic table was red ~ not any more!

I have this old faded tea cart, and gave it new life with black spray paint.  I used glossy, hopefully it will be able to withstand some moisture.

It now lives by the pool with laundry baskets of pool toys.

And for my last project, I bought this cute little planter and was actually going to put a plant in it, but it is doing a great job as a sunglass holder!

Please join Debbie and visit lots of other fun summer projects!

I am linking to Terri at A Creative Princess for her party.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Flag Day

When I was at the cabin a few weeks ago, I bought this fun patriotic tablecloth.  While Bob was mowing and chopping wood, and being very productive, I hauled the few things I had out to the deck and played with the dishes.

 I bought this cute couple while shopping with my sister.

I don't have fancy dishes at the cabin ~ but what I do have is red and white.  I brought our old set of everyday white dishes up and then bought these plastic red dishes.  I don't use paper plates much.

This little box has a surprise inside.  

I love this wagon I found a few years ago ~ perfect for the deck.  I hope my flowers are still alive when we go back in a week or so!

~ A peaceful setting ~

Joining Kim for Wow Us Wednesday.
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And Sherry for the Block Party.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sweet Endings

My 2 sweet boys on the last day of zoo school.  They went one day a week, learned about different animals, and took a walk through the zoo each week.  It was extra special that they could be in the same class.  Although I'm sure the teacher had her hands full!

These boys are best buddies, born 5 weeks apart, to my twin daughters.  They are the closest we will get to twin grandchildren ~ lol.

And here is sweet Jackson, I hope he gets to go to zoo school, but it's about an hour away from his house so I'm not so sure he'll get the chance.

Jackson and I spent some time with the meerkats ~ so cute.

Then, on to Kindergarten graduation.  Elizabeth was so excited.

Ben and Grandpa are ready.

Part of her fan club.

And, here is a blurry picture of our girl.  She was so nervous to be up front of all of the people.  She did such a good job.  We are very proud of her. 

 {I tried to blur out the friends faces.}  {Laura and her friend made all of the graduation caps!}

More milestones for the grands, I am so glad I was able to be a part of them.  Nothing takes the place of being a part of their daily lives.  It was hard to leave our lives in Kansas, and all of our friends, but it has been worth it to be with these children.  They are my very heart.

Now we are all ready for some summer fun!!