Monday, June 6, 2011

Up North

We've been at our cabin in Northern Wisconsin for a week or so, getting it ready for a summer visit from our girls and grands.

We bought our cabin about 5 years ago, when we lived much CLOSER.  It is  a challenge to get there from Texas, but we try to get up 3 to 5 times a year.  We bought our cabin up north, because we have a great deal of family and old friends within about 2 hours or so.  It is our way to stay in touch with these important people in our lives.  

Now, to go to the cabin, requires a plane trip, rental car, parking at the airport, etc. {We are 2 hours from the airport.}  We hope when Bob retires in a year or so, that it will be much easier. 

Here is a picture of our little lake, taken last year.  This year I didn't take a shot from this spot, which is really the end of our lake.  It is a tiny lake, less than 50 acres, but very deep.  It's a great fishing lake, which is nice for Bob, he's enjoying fishing again, which he hasn't done since he was a little kid.

This is a picture I am going to take every spring, to measure the change in the water level.  Last year we stepped down into the boat probably at least a foot.  We are so thankful for all the snow and rain that they have had up north.  {Not so sure the people living there can say the same thing!!}

 Bob did a lot of fishing, although they weren't biting yet because the water is still so cold.  I only went on the boat a couple of times for the very same reason!

I found this little nest on the way to the boat.  

Also, in our little woods, a sweet flower grows.  It is a trillium, and I have only seen them growing in the wild in northern Wisconsin.  I remember them from when I was a little girl, visiting my grandma.  I have always believed that they were illegal to pick, but I don't believe that is true in Wisconsin.

But, I don't pick them, and I tread very carefully on the path to the boat as they line the path.

You can see a few of the trees that our beavers took down.  Pretty soon, we will be little cabin on the prairie, instead of little cabin in the big woods!!

Now we are back ~ and getting our patios ready for summer fun.  Our furniture is dirty so I spent the day with the power washer.  It is hard work in this 100 degree heat we have been having.  All I want to do is float!

I hope to have some after pictures to share at the summer parties that The Picket Fence is hosting.

Wish me luck!


Lori said...

Love this place. But, oh that is a trip. I know you enjoy it once you get up there. Looks so comfortable.

The Martys said...

Great pics of the cabin! It has been a hot weekend and week so far "up north." Looks like you have been working hard at home too. I am sure it is all looking nice and you are floating.

Debbie said...

Oh, how I would love a cabin in the woods! I'd be very happy with north GEORGIA so I didn't have to fly. (That's one of my top 200 phobias)

I hope you get the pictures posted. I'm sure I'll love them.

jessica said...

Can't wait to go there this year!

Rettabug said...

How blessed you are to have a place to escape the TX heat & also be near family & friends at the same time. It looks ideal!!

I don't know much about the trillium but I think I'll google to learn more. They're very pretty!

We just finished with the patio chair/deck/gazebo cleaning. I think I'll try to buy winter covers for the furniture this year. I'm SICK of scrubbing & power washing!! Yuck!

Rettabug said...

Wikipedia says "Picking a trillium seriously injures the plant by preventing the leaf-like bracts from producing food for the next year. A plant takes many years to recover. For this reason in Michigan[1], Minnesota[2] and New York[3] it is illegal to pick and/or transplant trilliums from public lands without a permit from the State."

I'm glad I looked it I'll know never to pick one if I ever see it!

TLEB said...

That makes me anxious to get up to the cabin - can't wait!!!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

love the red, white and blue...have had the hardest time commenting....

Enjoyed my visit and catching up on your blog.. Have a great Sunday.