Monday, April 11, 2011

The Hills Are Alive

This very famous song runs through my head every spring when the wildflowers appear.

We live next to a "pond" that provides my grandchildren with ducks to feed, fish to catch, and it provides Bob and me with the soothing sounds of the fountain {lit at night} and the occasional "creature".

We do love it.

Especially when you remember we are from the Land of 1o,ooo Lakes and are now living in a semi arid climate, this little dab of water is a very welcome view!

But I never love it more than April when the wildflowers appear.  I am sad to say I don't know any of their names, except for the bluebonnets, and they are on the opposite bank.  I will learn though ~ promise.

 I know these pictures are kind of far away and only give you a glimpse, but today was just a beautiful day, and I had to take a couple of pictures.  I was luckily housebound today, and had to take a book and sit on my patio and stare at this ~ poor me!!  It was delightful.
 Then, this afternoon I had to make a quick trip to pick up a kindergarten girl and take her for ice cream. She can't possibly be 6 years old!  But she is.

                      Where did this baby go so quickly?
 She's still my baby girl, but they grow up even faster than your own kids did!

                               Happy Birthday Elizabeth!!

                                       You are so loved. 


All That Glitters said...

She's so pretty!!!Happy Birthday!!! I love your home too!!!

jessica said...

awww, that picture of E as a baby made me get teary-eyed! Where does the time go?!

The Martys said...

We were just a few weeks too late. I see that same pic of E on my computer and cannot believe how fast time goes either.

Pat said...

Such a pretty girl. They do grow up so fast!!

Happy Birthday sweet girl!

Kim said...

How lucky to live next to such beautiful scenery! And what a sweet and beautiful little Birthday Girl :)

Rettabug said...

Awww, Happy Birthday,Elizabeth!!! What a sweetie-pie!

Lucky You! You look to be closer to your pond than we are to ours. We're not supposed to go down to it to feed the ducks (sighs prohibit such) & I don't know if there are fish in it or not. :-( I have to enjoy the sites & sounds from a distance.

Enjoy that little sweetie...they grow up so fast! My oldest DGS is suddenly 15 & taller than me! Boo-Hoo!!!

Debbie said...

Happy Birthday to your Elizabeth! I agree that the time just seems to fly. If it's worse with grandchildren, then it must break the sound barrier.

She was and is such an adorable little girl. I can tell that she is just full of pinkitude!

I love wildflowers too, and for some reason I have noticed them more this year. I honestly think blogging has opened my eyes to wonders that I used to overlook.

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

She is such a cutie!
Hope you all shared a lovely birthday celebration.

TLEB said...

That picture of Elizabeth as a baby makes me cry! I can't believe she's 6 already!!! She had a great time getting ice cream with you!