Thursday, July 8, 2010

Vacation Beginnings

We choose to go to the cabin at this time because of this happy occasion! Our high school friends, Mark and Kathy celebrated the wedding of their youngest daughter on a Friday afternoon in the midst of a beautiful vineyard. She was escorted down the aisle by her parents.Aren't they a handsome couple? Her dress was just beautiful and so "her".
After a lovely reception we spent the night at my sister's and then headed to the cabin early on Saturday morning. We had a few projects to complete before the kids arrived the next evening. Like grocery shopping, mowing, and I had to clean the screen porch!

It is just what is sounds like, a porch off the family room that is screened in so we can sit in comfort away from mosquitos! The screen is just stapled to the wood, there are no windows to insert or anything like that to keep the dirt out. It actually stays fairly clean, but I think it had been a few years since a hose had been used in there. I moved the furniture around and hosed the walls and floor really well. I used some soapy water on all the "wicker" furniture.
Now we're ready for action. Unless it is unbearably hot, this is where I like to sit. It is such a peaceful place to read and watch for wildlife. I am collecting children's little red chairs and you can see my recent acquisition here. I also began to collect a few vintage picnic items. I love the coolers that you can glimpse in this picture. It has to be red or black or a combo to come home with me.
The next day was Father's Day and I totally neglected to get a picture of my dad or my husband. One of my brother's had to work so I guess it wouldn't have been a complete picture, but still! I am so bad about taking pictures. We went back to my sister's for the day (about 2 hours from the cabin)

I bought the kids T shirts and thought we could get a group picture. HA Here is the best I had, missing Evan.

Ben, Emma, Elizabeth, Cooper and Jackson in front.
My 4.
Here is Evan - such a cutie.


The Martys said...

Great pictures of your porch. It just sparkles. Cute pics of the kids. I love the one of Evan with his pink cheeks. Maybe we can try those pics again when we are in Texas.

jessica said...

cute pictures! Love seeing the ones you got from the cabin. Your porch does look good! The ones from the wedding are beautiful!