Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Texas Farewell

Our good friends and neighbors moved away at the end of April and we had a little Texas style BBQ send off for them.

We set up the area by the house with tables for 18 and it worked out perfectly.

We were blessed with a beautiful evening, not hot at all, and actually a little chilly later in the evening and then we girls ended up around the fireplace.

I just used burlap for the tablecloths, not hemmed or anything, and bandanas for napkins.
The red lantern is 1 of 2 that I bought at IKEA at Christmas.  They have been fun to use for Christmas, and now a Lone Star BBQ, and they will be great for our 4th of July festivities too.

I used part of their gift in the decor!

The flowers were just daisies and carnations in mason jars and raffia bows.
Simple, but pretty.

We had brisket and pork and the usual sides.  The margarita machine was a big success too.

The neighbors brought most of the sides, and we had the drinks and the meat.  I have to say, it was one of the easiest gatherings I've had ~ I was even gone most of the day at a volunteer event.  

I had the tables all ready to go and the silver all wrapped up ahead of time and Bob set them up easily.
The biggest job was his ~ weeding all the beds and getting the mulch down.

My bluebonnets hung in there ~ barely.

Here is how you prepare for food outside, with lots of covers.

And I'll leave you with a shot of one of the gardens that was looking so pretty this year as I have none of the party guests, not even the guests of honor!
I am terrible about taking pictures anymore.

We all did have a good time, and I miss our friends terribly!

Next up will be our May!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


On our trip to Virginia in April we spent one night and most of 2 days in Williamsburg.

It was so pretty and not at all what I expected.  
I don't know exactly what I thought it would be like, maybe a little more separated from "real" town?
I don't know, but it was a pleasant surprise.

We stayed at the lovely Inn.  
I could have spent all of my time in a little nook reading a book and enjoying my view out the window!

This is the back side of the Inn, I am standing near the golf course.
Our room was on the second floor in the far right wing.

Our room is the dark window. I love the dappled light on the lawn ~ we had beautiful weather.

The room was so beautiful, I loved the toile wallpaper.

This was the best part though, we had a wood burning fireplace and they came and made a fire for us and left us a stack of wood that lasted quite awhile.
I was in heaven.
{Can you tell I am a hotel girl?  Not a fine diner at all, but I love nice hotels:-) }

I loved that we visited in spring.
Besides the flowers that were everywhere and were so lovely, there were lambs behind several houses.

They really do gambol:-)

I loved this picture, just as I snapped it a couple strolled into view.

There were beautiful gardens everywhere.

If I remember correctly this was the jail.

The weather started to deteriorate in the afternoon and so we really just did a quick drive by of the Jamestown settlement.  We drove around and then stopped for a quick run out to the site.  There were lots more buildings there than I expected but of course my camera died and so I just have this one of the sign and the monument.

Then we motored on to Norfolk,  just for 1 night.  It was rainy and cold and I satisfied myself with a good book and glances out the window at the busy river/seaport.

Early the next morning we drove back to Richmond to catch our plane home. 
We were home for a just a few days and then May 1 another adventure unfolded! 
The fun never ends around here ~

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Little Spring Break

Poor, poor blog.  I have been neglecting my blog and just living my life. 
Sometimes we all have to do that, don't we?

I was home but a few days in May, and have just a few pictures from the month, but I promise to get it down on paper ~ screen ~ you know what I mean.

Before I get to May, I want to finish April!
We had such a great short getaway.

In April, Bob had a business trip to Norfolk, Virginia and I decided to tag along.
It was a bit touch and go for awhile because we didn't know when the trip to China {my babysitting} would be, but as the business trip grew closer I saw that I could make it.
We flew into Richmond.  
It's such a nice, small, airport compared to the crazy DFW near us.

We came a few days early to see a few sights.  We were here a year or so ago, and we loved the area.  It was nice to have some time to see a few more sights.

We drove from Richmond to Charlottesville and had lunch at Michie Tavern.  When we were here last time on our way to Monticello we didn't have time to stop.  The tavern is only open for lunch.  
This place is in all of the guide books, so I am glad we stopped, but it's not really my kind of restaurant.  
Definitely touristy.
Check it off the list:-)

After a quick lunch we paid the $2 to tour the old original tavern.  We didn't have a lot of time, we just wanted to look around.  The nice tour lady invited us upstairs for something "fun" and we explained that we didn't really have time and just continued on our own for a minute.  
Well, she came back downstairs and told us that it would just take a minute and would we please come upstairs ~ so of course, we did.
What a hoot!
She wanted to have us do a little dance from back in the day, and needed a few more bodies.  I think we did the Virginia Reel.  I seem to remember doing that in JR HI gym class.  
It was pretty cute, especially as she picked my non dancing husband to demonstrate with her:-)

The other place I didn't visit last time in Charlottesville was James Madison's home.  It is about a 30 minute drive, through BEAUTIFUL countryside, from C'ville.

This is the view from the front steps.  

I was loving the dogwoods in bloom everywhere.   I wonder if I could grow one in Texas?
Isn't it stunning against that beautiful blue sky?

The little train depot in Orange, Virginia and more dogwoods.

The next day we headed to Williamsburg, with a quick stop in Richmond to visit this historic home and garden.

Nearby Maymont is Hollywood Cemetery.  It is overlooking the James River and such a pretty spot with lots of rolling hills.

A monument to some Confederate soldiers.

The grave of President James Tyler.

A great view of the city of Richmond.

After the quick tour of Maymont and Hollywood Cemetery we drove on to Williamsburg.  I just have a few photos, but I'll save them for another post.

It feels so good to be home ~ I just can't believe it's well into June now.
I have begun my Grandma's Camp Read A Lot and will have some pictures to share of that soon I hope.  
There is so much to squeeze into the summer when my grands are off school.  I love being able to spend more time with them.