Sunday, April 28, 2013

Birthday Girl

Somehow this girl, my first and only grand girl has turned 8.
How this happened is a mystery to me.

{and I add she is the only grand girl for about 5 days more...}

This is Elizabeth and her doll, Elizabeth.

I have financed her addiction to a certain doll company and I love that she loves them. 
I am a doll girl, and a book girl, so when you combine the 2 it is bound to be true love:-)
And she is a doll girl and a book girl so the fun continues for another generation.

Elizabeth recently celebrated her birthday with an American Girl doll party and every detail was darling.

The dolls' table. 

The table for the big girls.

I love the cake that Laura made, and the sparkler on top!

The girls got to choose their lunch with their very own menu.  I got to help serve.

As one of their activities the girls made their very own food for their dolls.  Elizabeth is sharing her concoctions with me.

Everything is better with sprinkles:-)

My beautiful 8 year old girl.

I was so happy to share in the day with Elizabeth and her friends.  I brought MY dolls to the party too, but alas, no picture.

Happy Birthday Elizabeth.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

So Many Books, So Little Time 3

“I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.”
― Groucho Marx

That sure sums it up for me lately.
I was a big reader as a child and as a young adult.  But I have been finding myself reading fewer books these last few years, and I know I can blame some on my age induced ADD, I think the rest of the blame lies on the TV.  {or my habit of it :-)} 
As the channels increased, so did my watching.
Then add in time for books.

So, I have cut out TV.  
Not entirely, that's for sure, but I can honestly say that days go by and I have watched nothing.
{except for an DVR'd episode of Frasier at bedtime :-) }
And, Bob and I like to watch movies, so often on Friday or Saturday night we will watch a movie.  I have a collection of oldies from the $5 bin that we haven't watched.
But really that's about it, and I don't miss it a bit.

I have seen my pile of unread books begin to dwindle and I love that!  It feels so good to be back in the reading habit again.
And you know what?  That's what reading is...a habit.

Here are a few of the latest.

My new classic is The Portrait of a Lady by Henry James.

Product Details

I have just begun so this will take me awhile.  Remember I just read a few pages every morning.
It begins with a sentence that I have always loved, and didn't know it came from this book.
"Under certain circumstances there are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea."

This is my new devotional.  It was a gift from a friend and I have not read it before.  The language is rich, and so far, I have underlined several passages.  For me that is the sign of a good book with a spiritual message just for me.

I so appreciate the gift of a devotional that someone else has found to be meaningful.  I am going to remember that in the future when I want to give a gift.

Morning and Evening by Charles Spurgeon
Product Details

I just finished this book ~ another WW2 story, but this one is a true story about the American Ambassador to Germany at the beginning of Hitler's rise to power.  One of the things that intrigues me about WW2 is how something so horrific could take place in a "civilized" country, with people who are really a lot like us. 

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."
attributed to Edmund Burke

Product Details

Recently finished this book, that is part cookbook and part table decor.

Product Details

This was our book club book for April and it was very good.  I really liked the writing and there was a lot of discussion about the book which is always a sign of a good book, or of one we didn't like!
In this case we all liked it.

Product Details

Another decorating book.  Loved this one.

Product Details

I am currently reading this one ~

Product Details

Country Living Simple Country Wisdom by Susan Waggoner
My copy doesn't look like this one, but I believe it is the same book.
The subtitle is 501 old-fashioned ideas to simplify your life.
I am always intrigued by titles like that.  I lead a fairly simple life, but I know I have a lot of stuff ~ and I think that might be one of the biggest hindrances to simplicity.

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~ The Children's Page ~

Just read this very sweet story about a larger than life Grandpa who begins to lose his memory.

Product Details

These are some of my very favorite books for little ones.  The Brambly Hedge books by Jill Barklem.  I have the Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter books, and then 2 or 3 other titles.  They are charming little stories about mice that live in, of course, the Brambly Hedge, and have all sorts of delightful adventures.  The illustrations are so much fun, full of lots of detail and homey touches.  They are the kind of books that make you feel warm and cozy and ~ perhaps you should make a cup of tea!
Elizabeth loves them as much as I do, and the boys do sit and listen too.

Product Details

These books are a blast from my past.  I was browsing way up in Northern Wisconsin in a Scandinavian shop when I spotted these books.  I suddenly remembered sitting on the floor of the little library of my small town when I was a little girl and reading these stories about the triplet girls Flicka, Ricka and Dicka.  I loved them!
I hadn't seen them since, and totally forgot all about them.  
I bought several that day and my grands love them too.
Product Details

These are the little blond boys, Snipp, Snapp and Snurr.
Product Details

Let me know what's on your nightstand!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Blessings

To kick off the Easter weekend, Bob and I took the 4 grands to see the stage production of Peter Pan.  The kids dressed up in their Easter finery and were very well behaved during the show.

On the 9th floor of the parking garage ~ this view was a big hit.

We met their moms and had dinner out at a favorite hamburger place.  Just 2 doors down is a cute little cupcake place where we finished off our fun day out.

The Easter baskets are ready to hide.

Jackson found Claire's.  I was so happy that the place I got the other 4 kids baskets still has the same style and my friend in Kansas was able to order one for me.

The pictures are a little out of order ~
after church at our house.

After church ~
at church.

Whoops ~ back at our house:-)

Jessica's family

Laura's family

One thing that is always in the baskets is silly string.  We have a friendly war after lunch ~
There were also a dozen confetti filled eggs for each person ~

the aftermath...

It was a beautiful day celebrating with my family.
We were so thankful that the day was beautiful and that everyone was healthy.
I hope that you had a wonderful Easter too!