Monday, March 29, 2010

A Month of March

Another random post, full of pictures of bits and pieces of our month.

One day, last week, Cooper and I spent the day together. I took him to his gym class and then to my house for the day. On the way from gym class I noticed how cute he looked sitting in the car seat clutching the doll that was his mom's! I keep a basket of little golden books in the car and also this old doll that is almost 30 years old. We bought 2 of these dolls one day when we had Laura and Jessica in some store. I can still remember that moment - we had the girls in shopping carts and must have been cruising the toy aisle. I showed them this doll {she talks if you pull the string in the back} and Jessica just had to have it. You have to understand this was a big deal for us. I didn't buy the kids that much in those days and we hardly ever took them to a store! Her reaction was just so cute that we gave in that day. { I think I am giving you this background to explain why I would have a 30 year old , not so cute, doll in my car.}

Any hoo , back to Cooper.
{note to Jessica, I took this picture while we were stopped at a stoplight!}
Another day, I went with Laura and the kids to a mall that is not so close to our house. But the big draw is that is has a Pottery Ba*n Kids AND a carousel. Always a fun trip.

A really exciting tablescape for St. Patrick's Day.
This is a favorite picture - The first day of spring in Texas.

And now on to Palm Sunday. We had brunch here yesterday after church. I like to give the kids their Easter baskets a week early so that is doesn't interfere with their ones at home. {Plus we get to stretch out the fun a bit}
I am loving my new kitchen table that fits the whole family! I still have another leaf that I could add so we could add a few more members to our family!!
The baskets on the floor {pink and lavender are Laura and Jessica's from forever}
It was hard to wait to dig in to the goodies.

Cool dude...

A little silly string action. Note to self - the big kids would like some in their basket too.
Yeah, Jackson woke up.
Fun day - fun month. Now on to adventures in April.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Where did February go?

As March is quickly disappearing, I though I should share a glimpse of our February. I don't know exactly where my time went - but the month was full and fun. Be prepared for a random post.

Valentine's Day was celebrated a little early as we were expecting friends from out of town for the weekend. This little bunny is a new addition for spring and the grandchildren have already learned that he has little treats for them. Always 3, as Jackson is still too little.
The table set for our lunch with little treats for the grands.
Sweet Elizabeth.
Ben and Cooper modeling one of the treats in their mailbox.
A few Valentine decorations. I used to hang this postcard collection in my entry, but I don't have an entry in this house. So it usually remains in the closet. I thought this worked for the weekend.
Right before our guests arrived look what we got!! They came on Friday and this came on Thursday. It was fun to get the house ready on Thursday as the big fat flakes fell, but it made getting groceries a little difficult.

A winter wonderland - the trees were especially beautiful.
This is my ruler on my patio table. My unofficial storm total.
Our good friends from Kansas came and we had such a good time with them. The guys couldn't get their golf game in, which was a disappointment, but we found a few other things to do instead. This is our Valentine's dinner. We went out on Saturday and grilled steaks on Sunday {the 14th}.
I made them pose for a picture as they walked out the door - thanks for coming Robin and Jim!
Next up was celebrating Cooper's 3rd birthday. We were in Minnesota for his actual birthday so we took the gang to Chuck E. Che*se for a 2nd party. Here is Ben and Grandpa cheating a little on the basketball game.
Laura and Jackson.
Elizabeth and Tom shooting something.
Birthday boy Cooper.
Cooper and his cupcake - waiting for presents.
The month was fun and action packed as families with 4 grandchildren often are! We are blessed.